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Kaput Family of Products

Unique Combo Baits

Kaput's combo baits are the only baits of their kind. They incorporate a systemic insecticide which kills fleas that are feeding on the rodents that consume the bait. The combo baits are available in both pellet and block form.

Broad Lineup Includes Low Primary and Secondary Risk Baits

While Kaput's Doom Combo blocks feature a familiar "single-feed" kill, this type of approach is not always ideal. Kaput also offers Warfarin and Diphacinone based baits that can substantially reduce the risk of primary and secondary poisoning in non target animals and in humans while still providing effective control of rodent populations.

Wide Variety of Sizes Available

Kaput's variety is available in 4 lb., 7.5 lb., 18lb., and 32 lb. containers depending upon the product so you always have what you need and can keep a fresh supply.

Kaput Rat & Mouse Combo Bait
Adios Combo Bait Cubes
Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait

Kaput Grain/Meal Formula

Kaput Combo Pellets

Kaput Combo Mini Blocks

Adios Combo Blocks

Kaput Doom Combo Blocks

Kaput Mole Gel

Kaput Gopher Probe

Kaput Ground Squirrel Bait (available in select states)

Kaput Pocket Gopher Bait (available in select states)

...And more!

Copper Exclusion Mesh

We are a distributor of high quality, double-walled copper mesh used for bird and rodent exclusion. We have the capacity to supply any quantity you need.

100ft rolls and 400ft rolls are available by the single roll, case, or pallet. Get in touch today and stop overpaying for the name brand STUFF.

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