Experience is Our Legacy

Est. 1953

Peerless is the original and exclusive home of RO-TOX

Peerless' Founder, Reds, In Our Olney Store which he opened in 1971.

Our History

Peerless began in 1953 when two friends saw a strong need for pest control in their home city of Philadelphia. Beginning with a cement mixer purchased from Sears and raw chemicals from a local supplier, they would mix batches of insecticide and bottle it up for resale under the name of "RO-TOX." By going around town and offering door to door demonstrations they quickly found a demanding market for their RO-TOX which knocked out any insect, especially stubborn roaches which were abundant throughout the city.

The duo soon moved from their backyard shed into a small building behind a dental implant office, continuing to mix, bottle and sell RO-TOX by themselves. Demand not letting up, Peerless opened it's first store on Ridge Avenue in the Strawberry Mansion district of Philadelphia. Several years later, one of the partners decided to part ways and ever since Peerless has been a family owned and operated business.

Technicians were later hired as Peerless expanded into offering extermination services and another store was opened in Olney on N. 5th Street in 1970. The Ridge Avenue store eventually closed and 20 years later Peerless moved into West Philadelphia on Market Street. These two stores are still in operation today.

Peerless is proud to be one of Philadelphia's oldest pest control companies still in operation. Seven decades of continuous operation gives us a veteran vantage point that few other companies can match. We've seen it all and we've continued to evolve alongside the industry.

Our Values

What you'll find at Peerless Pest Control is a company with deep roots, but also a customer base with roots just as deep. We are proud to have many customers who have placed their trust in us for decades, including many families who, like their parents and grandparents, have continued that relationship with us. That trust is something we work on building and maintaining every day and it's what we thrive on.

You will never get pressured to sign up for service or buy anything and we will always be there to help you resolve your pest problems. Our support doesn't end when you walk out of our stores. We're here to help.

Our Experience

Each of our technicians has an average of well over a decade of experience in the pest control industry. This means that you get skilled, professional service that's done right the first time. We've helped tens of thousands of customers live a pest free life by controlling the problem at it's source rather than simply treating the surface symptoms.

Every product we use and sell to the public is of commercial grade and has been vetted for efficacy by ourselves and other industry leaders. By constantly collecting and analyzing results, we know what works and what to avoid. Seven decades of continuous operation gives us a veteran vantage point that few other companies can offer. We've seen it all and we've continued to evolve alongside the industry.

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Peerless Pest Control is based in the historic city of Philadelphia.


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