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Maxforce Magnum

Advion Cockroach Gel

Advion Evolution Gel

Maxforce FC Select

Vendetta Cockroach Gel

Invict Gold

Maxforce Complete

Niban FG

Advion Cockroach Arena

Maxforce FC Stations

Terro Multi-Surface Roach Baits


Mouse & Rat Bait

Peppermint Repellent Spray

Fast Kill 20 Blocks + Station

Kaput Combo Pellet Bags

Adios Combo Blocks

Kaput Meal Bags

Ditrac Blox

TakeDown Soft Bait

First Strike Soft Bait

Protecta Jr.

Protecta RTU

Protecta Keyless

EZ Clean MBS

B&G Rat Station

Protecta EVO Express

Protecta LP

Hidden Landscape Bait Station

Mouse & Rat Traps

Owltra Mouse/Rat Zapper

Sticky Traps / Glue Boards

Re-Usable Snap Trap

Kill Vault - No Touch or See!

Clean Kill - No Touch!

Quick Kill

Multiple Catch Live Trap


Metal Trigger Snap Trap

Easy Set Snap Trap

Provoke Mouse Lure

Provoke Rat Lure

Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous Earth

Temprid FX

Permacide RTU Qt.

Permacide RTU Gallon

Permacide Concentrate Pt.

CrossFire Bed Bug Concentrate

Crossfire Aerosol

Bedlam Plus Aerosol

Mattress & Box Spring Covers

Gentrol Growth Regulator

Volcano Lure & Trap

Blackout Detector Traps


Flea Foggers/Bombs

Permacide Concentrate Pt.

Precor IGR

Permacide RTU Gallon


NyGuard Plus

Precor 2000 Plus

Alpine Flea & Bed Bug

Petcor 2 - Dogs & Cats

Precor Plus Foggers


Fly Spot Spray Mix

PT Alpine Spray

SilenTrap Fly Light

Vector Plasma One Light

Outdoor Fly Bag

Gold Stick

Musca Stik

Fly Strips

Quickstrike 1 or 5 lb. bait

Golden Malrin 10 lb. bait

FBS-1 + Ground Stake

Fly Bait Station for Granules


Household Sprayer - 1 Gallon

Vapamore Steamers

Heavy Duty Sprayers

Heavy Duty 2 Gallon Sprayer

Chapin Power Mister 32oz

Multi Purpose 48oz

Masterline Bait Gun

Pageris Foam Gun

Wildlife Lures

Provoke Mouse Lure

Whistle Pig Woodchuck Bait

Applelicious Bait


Peerless Peppermint Repellant

Peerless Fox Urine

Peerless Coyote Urine

Mosquito Repelling Granules

Critter Ridder Granules

Critter Ridder Spray

Repels-All Granules

Repels-All Spray

Shotgun Animal Repellant

Snake-A-Way Granules

GO AWAY Rabbit Dog & Cat

Havahart Cat & Dog Granules

Wildlife Traps

Havahart Guillotine Small Trap

Havahart Easy-Set Trap

Wildlife Traps - All Sizes

General Sprays